Ok, so I’m really excited about these. They are new metal prints from our lab and they are truly amazing! When I first saw one about 6 months ago I was blown away by the color, the depth of the blacks and how the images just pop right off the print. I knew the instant I saw them I needed to order some studio copies and offer them to our clients.

We got our first three in just before the Bridal Showcase earlier this month so we integrated them into our booth. Sometimes I get super excited about things related to photography but I’m really not sure what our clients will think of them. Well, to say they were a hit would be an understatement! Everyone who sees them are blown away!

The prints are so unique because, instead of “metalic” prints that are just an effect of a metal look printed on paper, they are actually aluminum panels. The image is infused into the aluminum, not just printed on to it. There is also a “clear coat” layer that makes them very durable and super glossy.

Here are some photos of our metal prints in our office, but you really need to see these in person to do them justice. Give us a call or shoot us an email to make an appointment to see them!

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[...] and internet ready, digital copies of your photos. Options include albums, prints and our brand new Metal Prints. Below are a few examples from previous years sessions. Contact us at 916-792-8919 or [...]

FAQ’s about us…

We always get a bunch of questions from our brides and grooms as well as other clients of ours. I’m going to do my best to answer them all here and keep this an on going thing as more questions come in.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

We have been shooting weddings for 4 years now, and I have been a professional photographer for over 7. I’ve shot everything from professional snowboarding to government officials to, well, weddings:-)

Where is your favorite locations to shoot?

I like shooting photos anywhere. I’ve found that every location has great spots to shoot in and I really don’t have a favorite location. What I really love is the challenge of a new location, it gets my creative juices flowing and it’s always a blast!

How did you get your start in wedding photography?

Just about 4 years ago a friend of mine was getting married and begged me to shoot her wedding. I was a nervous wreck! Even though I had been a photographer for a while at that point the thought of messing up someone’s wedding photos terrified me. Everything ended up going really well and things just snowballed from there. For all the aspiring wedding photographers out there, I woouldn’t do what I did. Find a wedding photographer who is willing to let you second shoot for a few weddings until you are completely comfortable with shooting before you shoot one by yourself.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do. We have a very comprehensive policy.

How many photos do you take during a wedding?

During an average wedding we shoot 1000-1400 photos. We deliver 400-600 on average once we remove the ones with eye’s closed, that are blurry or just not flattering etc.

What type of equipment do you use?

We use professional Canon equipment and have backups for everything.

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Maternity – Amber and Josh

Last week I had the great privilege to spend some time with Amber and Josh to shoot their maternity photos. Being pregnant is such a special time for any couple, there is a glow that emanates from them thats unlike any other time in their lives. Amber and Josh are due to have their baby girl on March 30th and she will be their first, so this makes these images extra special!

We shot at a lot of locations and had a lot of fun with the whole shoot. Enjoy…

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[...] is little Vivian Marie, we shot mom and dad’s maternity session in January and now had the opportunity to shoot her first baby photos! She was born April 2nd and [...]

Hugo the dog…

As I sit here writing this blog post I have my dog Hugo sitting in my lap. He is a Boston Terrier and will be one year old next Thursday the 21st. With any other normal Boston Terrier, having one sit in your lap is no problem, they typically average 15-20 pounds. The problem with Hugo is he is 30+ pounds, a heavy weight for Bostons! He’s not fat, just big. Not exactly lap dog size, but he is our baby, so he gets a bit spoiled!

Hugo has one blue eye that really makes him stand out (other than his size). And he has endless energy! Angela will take him for 3 mile runs in the morning, then he’ll get home and run around with his toys for a couple of hours and he still can’t slow down! If I had his energy I could shoot 4 weddings in a row and still not be tired!

Here is a photo of him from last month…

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